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Hello here's a couple of pictures of my back yard before and after the pond was put in with a short video. The seasons may change so will the pictures. One of the back with the rebuilt pond as well as a short video in summer and if you have sound you can hear it zoom in as I come in on the upper water fall. Also if anyone would like to send me an E-mail please copy and past this one (

I have some old pictures of Boise, from about 1936. Just click on the links below.

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Boise, my home town

Click here if you wish to hear what maybe a small girls voise as a ghost, I recored as a EVP years ago. Also there is info on some cars that get really good gas mileage.

Space Shuttle and Station Over Boise Idaho

Steller Blue Jay

Bullock Oriole

Star Like UFO's

Citreon cars that get the best mileage, but are not sold here in the U.S. Why not?

very funny

Here are some picuers from around the house.

1and1 e-mail link

Nero cleaner